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It’s your time to seize the moment and take your love for “life” on the road. Yes, the pun is intended because here at Life Affordable Auto Rental, we help you ease through the car rental process so you can enjoy the ride. Whether you’re on a quest to explore a new vacation destination or attending a conference on a business trip, we’re ready and able to get you there in any rental car that you choose. Get ready to enjoy life!

Need to buy a used car? Check out our selection of vehicles at Life Affordable Auto Sales. Need to have your car towed? We got you there, too! Visit us at We Tow Columbus  and one of our trusted drivers will come to your rescue. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us using our Contact Form or give us a call at (614) 454-4450

Conveniently Located 2.5 miles from John Glenn International Airport.

Life Affordable Auto Rental is conveniently located 2.5 miles from John Glenn International Airport (CMH). It’s also an extension of Life Affordable Auto Sales and We Tow Columbus, our sister companies. To stay true to our company mission, we have expanded our brand.
We offer quality used vehicles for sale and towing services at affordable prices.